Have you ever wanted to write your own signer legend? Or, perhaps you'd prefer to aid the king of the netherworld in his bid at world domination? Now you can!
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 Alistair Shineheart

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Alistair Shineheart

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PostSubject: Alistair Shineheart   Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:49 am

Name: Alistair Shineheart

Background: Born and raised in Sky Versigh, Alistair was doted upon by both servants and his parents. He was given everything he wanted within the moment he asked for it, but this seeming perfection came with a major drawback. He was forced to act as the public face of the Sky Versigh. He must manage foreign policy, economic planning, and security. This makes him a very public figure who is constantly being scrutinized by the public eye and even one minor slip could lead to the loss of his job.

Personality: Like many denizens of Sky Versigh, Alistair is classist to a fault. A fact that he hides below a layer of wit and politeness. To him people are to be used as tools and then discarded. He is exceedingly narcissistic and views most people as irritants. If you can somehow befriend him he will provide you with anything he can offer. But most people don't even give him a chance, so he retaliates in kind.

Appearance: Alistair is dressed in a white and red suit with a red tie. He has pail skin, short blond hair and blue eyes.

Affiliation: Dark Signer

Decklist 1-3
Kuri monsters as well as dystopia the despondent and darkness neosphere.
Destiny Draw
Flute of summon kuriboh, transcendent wings, rainbow kuriboh, darkness neosphere, multiply, winged kuriboh.
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Alistair Shineheart
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